Charles’ 24th birthday

September 27, 2012

Charles: Alanna Surprised me for my birthday! She had ordered me balloons online to be sent to my apartment here in Ottawa but the company messed up and sent them to me two weeks earlier! The left picture shows the balloons when they first arrived. The second picture shows the balloons on my birthday! Two weeks after and they’re still somewhat afloat. Really awesome surprise 🙂

Alanna: Charles was going to be celebrating his birthday away from all of us here in BC so I wanted to make his day a little bit special. I actually ordered these balloons with his birthdate as the delivery day, but like Charles said, the company messed up and sent them two weeks early. I was actually pretty mad when I found out because I knew those balloons wouldn’t look good two weeks from arrival. I also felt embarrassed because I had to have them delivered to Charles’ uncle’s place and I didn’t want his family thinking I was some weird girl who didn’t know her boyfriend’s birthday :S. I’m glad Charles was still really happy though!



The Cupcake Lounge!

Charles: Because of the aforementioned surprise mix up from above, Alanna went and sent me another surprise! Cupcakes from the Cupcake lounge!

I happened to have seen these cupcakes just a few days prior to receiving these and thought that they looked delicious. When I tried these out, I found that they indeed were very delicious! This is too much for me to eat in one go but I have so far tried the maple flavour and the chocolate flavour. They are definitely good. They’re flavourful but not too sweet. I put these in the freezer so that they wouldn’t go bad and when I tried one straight from the freezer after a few days, it still retained their flavour! I actually liked the consistency and taste of the icing and cupcake just fine!

Alanna: I had actually ordered these cupcakes the same day I ordered the balloons; these ones just happened to be delivered on the day I requested, as all deliveries should be! I wanted to give him some sort of “birthday cake” so I found the Cupcake Lounge from Google and they had awesome ratings on Urbanspoon so I thought I’d give it a go. I sent him a dozen cupcakes in all the flavours that they offer. They look so delicious and I am actually pretty jealous that Charles gets them all to himself. I am a sucker for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and theirs looks divine. If you didn’t know, that was a hint Charles. If you still don’t get it, I’m sayin’ I want you to bring one back for me! Side note – I recently tried a cupcake with buttercream frosting for the very first time and OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!



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